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Corfu besides been a top European holiday destination still preserves interesting wildlife and of course birds. Around 300 species have been recorded here. Beautiful Mediterranean wetlands, maquis and deciduous forests, olive groves, rocky areas, valleys, ponds, saltmarshes and the Mediterranean itself consist a mosaic combined with more urban and rustic landscapes, providing a great variety of habitats suitable for many different species. Balkan, Mediterranean and European birds stop here to rest or remain to breed. But they are not alone as they share the place with 30 species of reptile-amphibian fauna and 40 species of mammals. Within less than an hour you can be at the cosmopolitan capital of the island, the World Heritage Monument, Corfu Town. Even here during summer you can find a massive mixed colony of Alpine and Common Swifts, Scops Owls, etc.

Ξ€here is the opportunity to experience this wild side of Corfu by organized guided tours up to 3 persons to Southern Lefkimmis, Alikes Lefkimmis, Korission Lagoon and surrounding area, Central Corfu as Ropa Valley along with the nearby valleys, ponds and mountains or Chalikiopoulou Lagoon or even to the far Northern Corfu on the Pantokratoras Mountain.

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