Taking into account the environmental conditions in which it our hotels operate, MarBella Collection is committed to the continuous improvement of the Energy Management System, in accordance with compliance obligations, following the principles and requirements of the ISO 50001 Standard: 2018.

This is how we are saving energy across all MarBella Collection hotels:

  • Installation of solar panels – providing hot water to our hotels and resulting in 75% saving in energy consumption
  • LPG Natural gas – used in the kitchen and washing machines
  • Magnetic room key cards – these control electrical systems and have reduced electricity usage by 15%
  • Use of energy saving LED bulbs across our hotels resulting in 25% saving
  • Water regulation valves in all public taps and toilets to reduce water consumption
  • Desalination system (300 m3/day) which covers the entire water demands of the MarBella Corfu hotel resulting in 40% saving
  • Installation of an array of capacitors to improve electricity voltage throughout the area of ​​Agios Ioannis Peristeron.
  • Energy Management Policy – We are committed to achieving an improvement in the Company’s energy performance by implementing the Energy Management System and good practices as:

– Fully implementation of the Greek and Community environmental legislation and the other compliance requirements or obligations that the company has accepted in writing and are related to the use and consumption of energy and the energy performance of the Company

–  Commitment to providing the required resources and information, in order to achieve the goals and objectives set within the framework of the Energy Management System

–  Taking into account the design and operation of the facilities for the reduction of energy consumption, the response to climate change, energy efficiency and the saving of natural resources throughout the life cycle of our services.

– Support the supply of high energy efficiency products and services

– Continuous education, training and motivation of our staff

– Yearly evaluation of our energy performance and setting of new goals, so that there is continuous improvement

– Seeking the adoption of our energy policy by our suppliers and partners.