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The phenomenon of global warming along with several other ecological impacts are increasing day by day and therefore our active contribution towards environmental and climate protection is necessary. Fully aware of its responsibility regarding the environment MarBella Corfu has made significant capital investments and has been maintaining a strict environmental policy plan since 1999.

Some of the hotel’s environmental initiatives include:

  • Reduction of energy consumption
  • Reduction of water waste
  • Conservation and enhancement of the natural environment

The hotel’s environmental consciousness has led to a number of environmental recognitions including the blue flag award for the hotel’s beach that is also supported by Natura 2000, as a place of unique natural beauty.

  • Solar panels have been installed fully covering the demand for warm water on the complex (reducing the required energy by 75%)
  • Use of LPG in the kitchen and laundry.
  • Installation of smart magnetic cards in all rooms for monitoring of electrical systems (reducing the required energy by 15%).
  • Installation of capacitor banks in order to improve the voltage of electricity throughout the region of Agios Ioannis Peristeron.
  • Use energy saving light bulbs throughout the building (reducing the required energy by 25%).
  • Double insulating glass in all rooms.
  • Automatic watering - highly efficient - system (economy 20%).
  • Installation of special valves that control the flow of water to public taps and toilets to reduce consumption.
  • Construction of a complete desalination system capable of covering all the water demand of the hotel (saving 40%).
  • Tertiary treatment of sewage water for irrigation of the land (not the garden) that surrounds the complex.
  • Recycling of waste policy implementation, in cooperation with the City of Corfu.
  • Reduction of single- use products.
  • Regular inspection for maintenance and leakage.
  • Monthly chemical analysis of the water of the hotel.
  • Selection of specific Mediterranean plants with low watering requirements.
  • Use of green fertilizers.
  • Exclusive use of certified green paints, Blue Angel specifications.
  • Installation of sprinkler array around the site in order to deal with fire by using artificial rain.
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