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Corfu is an island of rich history and culture, filled with museums, monuments and sites to be visited. The rich cultural heritage, the beautiful landscapes and beaches as well as the regional customs and traditions give visitors a range of recreational choices to fulfil their every dream and desire. The crystalline waters of the Ionian Sea along with the perfect weather conditions and breath-taking seabed welcome guests to partake in a great range of water sports activities including water ski, jet ski, parasailing and scuba diving. Those wishing to explore the beautiful scenery are welcome to set off on hiking and trekking through the unique and natural Corfu trail, riding and cycling excursions and discover the island’s varied geological formations. Families can spend some fun and enjoyable time together at the island’s several beaches and aqua land while the most cultured visitors are invited to attend the numerous concerts of the renowned philharmonic orchestras of Corfu at the island’s central square, Spianada or enjoy an exciting game of golf at the island’s famous golf course.

A road trip through the castles of Corfu, a fun trip in nature during the festival of flowers on May 1st or a visit to the island’s most celebrated museums during the international Museum Day on May 18th are few of the events visitors are welcome to attend while on the island. Other exciting events include the world famous Easter of Corfu, the cricket tournament in May, the Regatta and urban marathon in June along with the choir festival of ecclesiastical music, the 5th summer academy in choral conducting in July and the countless regional festivities and celebrations that are sure to lure travellers into the island’s vibrant spirit.