For a getaway in the Ionian that will redefine the benchmark for luxury holidays in Greece, our brand new Parga luxury hotel in Sivota will take you by surprise. Positioned along the incredibly serene mainland coast of the azure Ionian sea, at Marbella Elix hotel, guests are able to feel the rapture that comes with being within nature’s embrace. Our Parga luxury hotel seeks to provide you with golden moments that will soon turn into platinum memories.

Welcoming travellers who enjoy a bit of adventure but also value luxury and comfort above all, Marbella Elix Hotel raises the bar exceptionally. Where the mountain reaches the sea, you’ll witness vistas of epic proportions. The pristine, natural landscape of our hotel will exhilarate you beyond measure. Morning sea views as far as the eye can see will set your mood for the day while moonlit nights under an enchanting starry sky will fill you with revelry. A plethora of exciting activities await at our Parga luxury hotel, adding more value to your stay by positively engaging you throughout the day. Test your skills at yoga, kayaking, rock climbing, horse-riding, rafting, cycling and sailing, as you inhale the magnificent fresh Mediterranean air and bask in the warm radiance of the glorious Greek sun.

Completing the divine picture of the seaside holiday of a lifetime are the luxurious rooms and suites of our Parga luxury hotel, that command sweeping views of the endless Ionian sea while wrapping you in a superb hospitality experience, ensuring a most impeccable getaway that will result in the complete renewal of mind, body and soul.