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Greek gastronomy is like a gift basket full of incredible aromas and heavenly tastes.
The flavors and the wealth of culinary experience in Ionian Islands will surprise you! 
Corfiot cuisine reflects the rich mix of civilizations that settled on the island. French, British, and especially Venetians brought immense changes on the gastronomic culture of Corfu. It’s no wonder, that most of the traditional dishes have Italian names such as sofrito, bourdeto, panada, bianco, polenta etc. 

Take a glimpse on the most popular dishes you should try:
Bianco: Fish cooked with garlic, parsley, lemon juice, onions, and potatoes. 
Bourdeto: Fish with tomato sauce, onions, hot red pepper and lemon juice. 
Panada: it means bread, derived from the Latin word ‘’panis’’. Fried bread with local extra virgin olive oil, onions, tomato sauce, oregano, thyme and salt. 
Polenta: Cornmeal boiled with oil, salt and raisins.
Polpettes: Meatballs with tomato sauce – sometimes you will find it stuffed with cheese and bacon too.
Pastitsio Dolce: It is also ‘’Venetian Pastitsio’’. It’s one of the oldest recipes, left from the Venetian Era.  Layers of lasagna with a mixture of different kinds of meat (veal, pork, chicken, ham, sausages etc ), small pieces of boiled eggs, cloves, a pinch of cinnamon and white wine, sprinkled with grated cheese ringed by sheets of pasta flora. 
Sofrito: It’s one of the most known dishes of the island. Slices of veal are fried lightly and then stewed with oil and white wine vinegar. It is usually served with mashed potato.
Savoro: It’s also called ‘’the food of the sailors’’. It’s small fried fish marinated in white sauce with garlic, rosemary and vinegar.
Stoufado: Smooth veal chunks which are marinated in local wine along with onions, garlic, diced carrot, rosemary, sage, thyme, bay leaf and salt and pepper. Then the veal is mixed with small pieces of pancetta, cooked for a while in marinade. 

In addition, the island has been gifted with a fertile land which produces a wide variety of high quality products. To start with, even on your first adventure trip in the countryside, you will notice the numerous ancient-old olive groves popping up in every corner of Corfu’s coastline and countryside. Olive tree has been the trademark of the island. Locals have been utilizing their resources to produce their own olive oil, table olive fruit, natural soaps and handcrafts too. A must-try is the flavorsome graviera cheese and the local ham or as they call it “the Greek prosciutto”, the exquisite nombolo! Corfu is also known for its grape varieties and wine.  In Odyssey, the great poet Homer has been referred to the sweet wine of Phaeakeans multiple times.  Mentioning the most popular wines of the island, Moschato - a mellow white wine, Robola, Kozanitis, Kakotrigis - semi-sweet red wine, Rozaki and the Martzavi - dry red wine.

You will also meet Corfiots cheering each other with ginger beer (tsitsibira) or kumquat liqueur, depending on the occasion! There’s no way to leave this beautiful land, without savoring both! Tsitsibira is a kind of beer, exclusively produced in the island. It’s made of an incredible mix of lemon juice, fresh ginger, water and sugar.  Kumquat Liquer, is made of the merlin sweet oranges, the king of citrus fruits, kumquat! It is also used to produce spoon sweets, fruit jams and glace! 

And, after tasting all these mouth-watering specialties and refreshing drinks, indulge yourselves with a local sweet! The soft nougat ‘’mantolato’’ or “mantoles” derives from the Italian word ‘’mandorla’’ which mean almond. It contains honey, sugar and almonds.  However, if you crave for a tart-like sweet, you should taste ‘’sicomada’’- kind of cake (made of almonds, orange juice, pepper, cinnamon, wine and ouzo), ‘’tsaletia’’ – fried bread with raisin and corn sprinkled with sugar or fogatsa – a savory kind of brioche which originates from Venice. 

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