• We respect and protect our marine environment – our beaches have been awarded Blue Flag status since 2016 as recognition of the area’s environmental friendliness while some marine areas are also safeguarded under Natura 2000, a European Ecological Network which protects habitats with rare species as well as areas of special natural beauty.
  • We have been awarded a Green Key, an international eco-award that recognises a ‘green’ attitude to tourism.
  • We apply food waste management best practices in all our restaurants, donating any leftover food to local communities as required.
  • We follow the Plastic reduction guidelines complying with all legislative and other requirements.
  • We recycle paper, glass and aluminium in collaboration with local Municipality recycling services
  • We ensure optimal working conditions and compliance with health and safety rules for all our staff. We are committed to diversity in the workplace and put great effort in our personnel’s continuous development, training and assessment.