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Explore Corfu’s captivating Easter traditions

Step into the enchanting world of Corfu's Orthodox Easter traditions! Processions begin with the historic Litany of St. Spyridon on Palm Sunday, accompanied by the melodic symphony of 15 Philharmonic Orchestras. This litany dates back to 1630, commemorating Corfu's liberation from a plague in 1629.

Then, join us Good Friday’ s early afternoon until 9.30pm, epitaph processions with bands, choirs, and flower-bearing children. At 10.00pm in the evening, the last Epitaph of The Diocese is majestic, featuring mourning music and local authorities.

At 11am, on Holy Saturday morning, it’s time for the “first” Resurrection! At the end of the service at the Diocese, the church bells ring and thousands of clay pots "Botides" are dropped in celebration from the windows of Corfiot houses onto the streets with a loud bang.

On Holy Saturday evening, the Resurrection service takes place in the Upper Square and is a truly extraordinary, unique spectacle. All the windows of the surrounding houses are open with lighted candles. The Resurrection service continues at the Holy Temple of Agia Paraskevi.

Easter Sunday unfolds with celebrations starting at 7 am in every church, featuring philharmonic orchestras, schools, scouts, and choirs. At noon, the Corfu Naval Station hosts traditional Greek dancing and local delicacies. The day concludes at 6:30 pm with the grand Litany of the Holy Trinity in Garitsa.

Enjoy Greek Easter with Mar-Bella Collection in Corfu.

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