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Begin with a scenic drive to the beautiful bay of Paleokastritsa – the Capri of Greece – to visit the Byzantine Monastery of the Virgin and its small museum, housing a unique collection of Byzantine icons. Revitalize with a quick swim in the crystal blue waters before continuing to the picturesque village of Lakones situated high on the mountain slopes, offering  panoramic views over the bay.

Driving onwards, it’s time to explore the Byzantine charms of Old Perithia built in the 14th century, 400m up on the northern flanks of the Mount Pantokrator. The journey takes you down the north-eastern coastal road with the coast of Albania opposite just 2 nautical miles away – passing through the beautiful  villages and coastal resorts before arriving back in time for dinner.


Head by the coastline  to the Archeological Museum of Corfu, housed since 1967 in a two-storey modern building in the beautiful area of Garitsa. It houses antiquities from the ancient city of Corfu and the rest of the island.

Then to the Old Quarter of Corfu Town, beginning with the Old Venetian Fortress – a UNESCO World Heritage site before exploring the maze of winding narrow cobbled streets known as Kandounia and some of the most charming parts of this Venetian-built town.

Enjoy the old cricket grounds left over by the British, the imposing  Royal Palace of St. George & St. Michael and the Liston Piazza – before heading into the heart of the old town to see the 300-year-old Church of ‘’Saint Spiridon’’, the old flea-market, the old Town Hall and into the busy shopping district.

Before returning home, visit Kanoni to enjoy the excellent views of the Convent of Vlacherna and the picturesque Mouse Island to experience the thrill as planes take-off and land close-by at the airport.


Located approximately 3 km from Corfu Town, Kanoni was once the capital and heart of Corfu, rich in nature, history and culture. The name Kanoni (canon) is derived from the canons that were protecting the city at the entrance of the lagoon. Nowadays, Kanoni is a quarter of Corfu Town, home to incredible views to two of Corfu’s most popular spots: the whitewashed church of Vlacherna and Corfu’s iconic landmark, the Mouse Island!

Connected to Kanoni via a causeway, lies the beautiful 17th-century church of Vlacherna, open to visitors only once per year, on the 6th of August where a religious celebration takes place. From this causeway, small boats depart regularly to Mouse Island. Mouse Island is a tiny island, with beautiful green tufts of tree and home to the tiny, 13th-century church of Pantokrator. Legend has it, that this little island was formed when the ship that had taken Odysseus back to Ithaca, his home port, was turned into stone by Poseidon, God of the sea, angry at being defied by the Phaeacians.


Often described as a natural oasis in the middle of Corfu, Corfu Golf Club is an ecosystem in itself that can be conveniently accessed from different parts of the island. Designed in 1969 by the famous golf architect Donald Harradine, who blended the natural resources of the Ropa Valley with the man made water hazards. The mature 18-hole course, enjoyable for all categories of golfers, includes the river, where the myth tells us Odysseuswas rescued by Princess Nafsika at its exit on Ermones beach, which is less than 1 km away. The large and interesting greens, the tree lined fairways and the bunkers in combination with the lakes create a unique golf course for the professional or the amateur golf player, against a backcloth of hills and mountains.


If you want a special “treat” while on holiday at Corfu, we propose a private olive oil tasting and tour followed by a delicious meal (at extra charge). Learn and taste all about olive oil and become an olive oil expert yourself.


Explore more in the Northwestern part of Corfu with panoramic views on a premium safari tour for up to 6 persons per vehicle! Discover and enjoy the most charming places of Corfu from above and learn everything about the local history and lifestyle.

The trip is ideal for everyone who’s looking for an experience beyond the ordinary…

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A legendary area of outstanding beauty

Located at the border of Thesprotia and Preveza, the springs of the Acheron River is an area of outstanding natural beauty and known worldwide for its place in ancient Greek mythology as one of the five rivers of the Greek underworld. 25km from Parga it boasts a landscape rich with vegetation and crystalline waters with its lakes home to many amphibians and fish. Elsewhere it flows through steep cliffs with the rocky slopes, the nesting ground to many birds of prey.


A picturesque gem that’s a must-visit

Parga combines archaeological sites such as its Venetian castle with beautiful scenery. The town is surrounded by huge olive trees, planted by the Venetians in the 16th century, which still provide a major Income in the area through olive oil production. Parga’s multi-coloured houses sit on surrounding hills and although on the mainland it has a real island vibe.


Enjoy this renowned town and a private wine tasting

Metsovo is one of the most famous traditional villages in Greece due to its unique and colourful hand-woven textiles (or Amintziou) – the products of centuries of shepherding by the Vlach population that still inhabits the town. Explore the town and then head to the Katogi Averoff Winery to journey into the world of its wine culminating in a tasting of its renowned wines.


Explore the fascinating local history and culture

Zagoria has 46 traditional villages – including the popular Papigo, Monodendri and Aristi  – all perched on the dense green mountainsides and filled with stone houses with their distinct grey-tiled roofs and paved paths. Then head to the Ancient Theatre of Dodoni located at the foot of Mount Tomaros and built in the 3rd century BC for the performance of the temples, which were games in honour of Zeus – before becoming an arena for gladiators during the Roman period.


See this stunning UNESCO World Heritage site

Meteora is a unique and unforgettable spectacle. On top of rocks that were formed 60 million years ago, sit the breathtaking  Meteora monasteries, most of them constructed during the Byzantine times. Their stunning, otherworldly presence and fascinating history make them an absolute masterpiece and a true Greek gem not to be missed.


One of the largest lakes in Greece

Explore Lake Pamvotida, commonly called the Lake of Ioannina and the largest in Epirus. Located in the central part of northern Greece, the lake is fringed by the regional capital, Ioannina and the town of Perama. The lake features small fishing ports and a boat port as well as a small inhabited island, where Ali Pasha was hiding during the last days of his reign.

The Ancient Sacred Synagogue of Ioannina is one of the largest and oldest buildings, preserved in Greece.